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Federal Actions

Ask Congress to Support Funding for Cancer Research
If Congress doesn't act on the sequester, the cuts to cancer research funding could be devastating. Ask your Members of Congress to protect funding for cancer research.
Let's end surprise colonoscopy bills for Medicare patients
Under Medicare, there should be no co-pay for a colonoscopy. But, if the doctor removes a polyp which is the point of the colonoscopy you can wake up to a $300 bill. Tell Congress to end the loophole that allows this surprise charge.
President Obama: It's time to regulate cigars and e-cigarettes
Five years ago- FIVE! Congress passed a law giving the Administration permission to regulate cigars and e-cigarettes. And what have they done about those products? Nothing!
Senators: Please cosponsor the bill to increase the federal tax on cigarettes
Ask you U.S. Senators to cosponsor a new bill to increase the federal tax on cigarettes and tobacco products - a proven way to prevent kids from starting to smoke and help adults quit.
US: Senate - Ensure all women have access to a mammogram
As part of the budget process, US Senators can submit requests to their leaders for how they want your taxpayer money to be spent. This is their best chance to request an increase in funding for the federal breast cancer screening program.
We Need to Fund Breast Cancer Research
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, accounting for one of every four cancers diagnosed in U.S. women. Ask Congress to continue funding the fight against breast cancer.
WI: Thank Senator Baldwin
Thank you to Senator Baldwin for introducing the PCHETA bill in the Senate.

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