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State Advocacy
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ACS CAN works at the state and local level in partnership with state and local coalitions, to pass tobacco taxes, implement smoke-free ordinances and ensure access to life-saving preventative cancer screenings and treatments for the insured and uninsured.

Current Priority Campaigns

Tobacco Tax:
Raising tobacco taxes is one of the most effective measures to stop children from starting to smoke, as well as to reduce overall tobacco consumption.

Connecticut State Campaign Icon

Connecticut: Campaign for Sensible Tobacco Policy (CSTOP)
Campaign to raise the Connecticut tobacco tax by $1.00

Florida State Campaign Icon

Florida Tobacco Tax
Campaign to raise the Florida tobacco tax by $1.00

Georgia State Campaign Icon

Georgia: Georgia Alliance for Tobacco Prevention
Campaign to raise the Georgia tobacco tax by $1.00

New Hampshire

New Hampshire: Tobacco-Free New Hampshire
Campaign to raise the New Hampshire tobacco tax by $1.00

South Carolina

South Carolina: Pass the Buck
Campaign to raise South Carolina’s tobacco tax by 93 cents

Utah State Campaign Icon

Utah: Utah Alliance for Tobacco-Free Living
Campaign to raise the Utah tobacco tax by $1.305

Washington State Campaign Icon

Washington: Washington Tobacco Prevention Coalition
Campaign to raise the Washington state tobacco tax by $1.00

Everyone deserves the right to breathe smoke-free air, especially in the workplace. Implementing smoke-free policies has immediate benefits on the health of restaurant and bar workers, as well as the health of all citizens.

Alabama State Campaign Icon

Smoke-free Alabama

Iowa State Campaign Icon

Smoke-free Iowa

Michigan State Campaign Icon

Michigan: Campaign for Smoke-free Air

Montana State Campaign Icon

Smoke-free Montana

North Carolina State Campaign Icon

Smoke-free North Carolina

Pennsylvania State Campaign Icon

Pennsylvania Smoke-free

South Dakota Campaign Icon

Smoke-free South Dakota

Texas State Campaign Icon

Texas Smoke-free

Smoke-free Virginia

Smoke-free Virginia


It's Breathe Free Wisconsin