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Volunteer for ACS CAN

Even if you have only a few minutes a day or an hour a week, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network will empower you to become an effective advocate for cancer issues. We provide the training, tools, and opportunities you need to ensure your voice is heard by your lawmakers.

Volunteer Structure Roles

It Starts by Being an Advocate

An Advocate is the first step in ACS CAN’s volunteer structure. Being an Advocate enables you to get involved with a minimal time commitment.

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You will be notified when we have an urgent need for you to email or call your Member of Congress or state legislator. These actions typically only take one or two minutes but are an important part of our campaigns. Add your voice to the thousands who are joining together to make fighting cancer a national priority.

We also encourage you to visit on a regular basis to check out the latest news on some of our most active legislative campaigns.

Becoming an ACS CAN Ambassador

Ready to devote more time to ACS CAN? Volunteer to be an Ambassador. Our Ambassadors play a crucial role in establishing relationships with their elected officials. The two-year commitment for Ambassadors gives volunteers a chance to participate in a broad range of advocacy activities. Take the “Introduction to Advocacy” online module now to learn more about serving as an Ambassador.

Playing a Key Role in Your Congressional District

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ACS CAN has an Ambassador Constituent Team (ACT) in nearly every Congressional district in the country. These volunteer-led teams help manage ACS CAN’s grassroots activities at the community level. Ambassadors who choose to become ACT members are asked to help plan and attend media events and meetings with lawmakers’ offices, recruit more volunteers and ACS CAN members, and serve as chairpersons for our initiatives with the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and other partner organizations.

Overseeing Advocacy Focus Area Teams

ACS CAN has chosen four areas in which to focus our advocacy efforts: mobilizing our forces to influence elected officials, sharing advocacy information with Relay for Life volunteers, working with the media to highlight our issues, and fundraising for ACS CAN. In every community there is a Chair for each of these focus areas who oversees the activities of the Ambassador Constituent Team. If you are interested in a playing a greater role in one of these focus areas, a CAN Chair role may be right for you.

Managing ACS CAN Activities in Your Congressional District

Every Ambassador Constituent Team has an ACT Lead at the helm to oversee ACS CAN’s overall grassroots activities within a Congressional district. The ACT Lead manages the team in his/her Congressional district, working directly with fellow cancer advocates to build a strong and influential grassroots force in those communities.

Leading the ACS CAN Volunteers in Your State

The State Lead Ambassador (SLA) works closely with staff to manage volunteer activities on a statewide basis. The SLA also works closely with the ACT Leads to help ensure they have the information and materials needed to be successful. The SLA is the top ranking Ambassador in each state.