Carol Marie Geddes Memorial

Together, we stand strong to make cancer issues a national priority.

Together, we stand strong to make cancer issues a national priority.

Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00

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Total Value of Gifts: $900.00

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CAROL'S STORY IS ONE OF an uninsured waiting for treatment, compassion and care.

For at least five years Carol got by without seeing a doctor. She was healthy. One day she had pain in her legs and needed to be seen in the emergency room. Nothing was found wrong, she was offered a diagnostic blood test for $1,000. Making little above minimum wage, this simple life saving test was out of reach.

Days later, she couldn't breathe and was admitted to the hospital. Emboli had traveled to her lungs. She received tests and a second chance. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was given an appointment with an oncologist two months in the future! Carol would have started treatment late this October.

More complications and no treatment put Carol back into the hospital with the promise of the urgently needed treatment by the oncology specialist "tomorrow" if not today. Insurance coverage was needed so she had to wait for the County Medical Service Program to authorize her transfer to UCSF. The UCSF oncology department has some of the best specialists in the country for cervical cancer. Every day she was told that "today" she would be transferred to the UCSF oncology department. Carol maintained her hope. At the end of each day, she was told it would happen tomorrow. The hospital said they were just waiting for CMSP to authorize the transfer. On the third day, Carol suffered an emboli, and died with the promise.

NO ONE should die waiting for the speed of State or Federal bureaucracy.

Its time for health care reform. No more lost lives while waiting, no more broken hearts.

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